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Intermediate Care Facilities
- for the Mentally Retarded (ICF/MR)

     Home of Hope’s ICF/MR program provides residential living in a group setting of 6 to 8 people with developmental disabilities. This program is for people requiring direct care 24 hours a day.

Overview of Program Services

     Trained staff supervises individuals in most areas of their life. Each staff is responsible for up to 4 individuals depending on ability. One overnight staff person regularly checks on the individuals for safety.

In Home of Hope’s ICF/MR program, individuals are taught the life skills necessary to function more independently. Individuals learn to take their own medications, become more independent in meal preparation, personal laundry skills, money management skills, hygiene and grooming skills as well as community integration and behavior modification (if necessary).

At Home of Hope, every individual is supported by a team of professionals – typically a speech therapist, physical therapist, registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, a dietician, pharmacist, psychiatrist, case manager and the staff working with this person.

The team, along with the individual and their parent/guardian, designs an Individual Habilitation Plan for the individual based on their specific needs and abilities. The plan consists of training methods used to make the person more independent in all aspects of their lives in preparation for the possibility of movement into a less restrictive environment.

ICF/MR Admission Requirements:

• A primary diagnosis of mental retardation.

• Approval from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Home of Hope gathers the necessary data, typically a psychological test and a recent physical examination as well as a statement that the person is not a harm or threat to their-self or someone else, and submits the information to the OHCA for approval.

• In general, admission requirements mandate that a person have an intelligence quotient of 58 or less on a commonly accepted intelligence test and a concurrent disabling condition to be considered for ICF/MR level of care.

Admission to Home of Hope, Inc. is dependent upon availability. As many choose to live in these homes for the remainder of their lives, prior planning is highly recommended when considering Home of Hope, Inc.

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