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  • 1968, Home of Hope, Inc. opened its doors to serve eight individuals
  • Residential facility filled to capacity for thirty-five individuals


  • Facilities expanded to a capacity for forty-eight individuals
  • Additional 7,500 square feet, Learning and Recreation Center developed
  • New wing for thirty-five individuals with enlarged kitchen and dining facilities
  • Twelve acres purchased for recreation, horticulture, maintenance and parking


  • Gymnasium enlarged with the construction of music room and pool
  • Two group homes constructed north of campus
  • Donation of 115 acres northwest of campus – Wodloe Meadows
  • Workshop and Thrift Store opened in downtown area
  • Construction of four six-bed group homes in four sectors of Vinita


  • Community-Based Supported Living Program created
  • Community-Based Supported Employment Program created
  • Fishing pond developed at Wodloe Meadows
  • Development of first two Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded (ICF/MR) six-bed program in OK.
  • Picnic Shelter built at Wodloe Meadows with handicapped accessible facilities
  • Vocational Integrated Community Awareness program developed in Vinita, Pryor and Claremore
  • Received first HUD grant for $1.4 million to build four six person homes in Vinita and Hope Housing of Vinita, Inc was incorporated
  • Received second HUD grant for $1.3 million to build four six-person homes in Miami and Hope Housing of Miami, Inc was incorporated
  • Received grant from Warren Foundation to construct and furnish one six-person home
  • Grand opening of the four Hope Housing of Vinita ICFs/MR six-bed homes
  • Grand opening of the four Hope Housing of Miami ICFs/MR six-bed homes
  • Grand opening of the Dawson house
  • First private agency in state & only one of four agencies nationwide to downsize large institution, from 94 people to only 16 people living under one roof
  • Remodeled portion of New Hope to create family dining area for 16 people
  • Converted picnic shelter into a building for leisure time opportunities for all individuals at HOH
  • Completion of largest fundraising campaign in Home of Hope history, $800,000
  • Grand opening of Hope Industries in industrial park

2000 – Present

  • Conversion of gym into Ruth Smith’s Training Institute for HOH employees
  • Creation of In-home Supports Program
  • Creation of Community Living Supports Program
  • A 10,000 square foot commercial storage unit added to Hope Industries
  • Creation of a Wildlife Habitat to include 45 acres of Wodloe property
  • Creation of waterfall on Wodloe Island dedicated as Cathy’s Place honoring board member Cathy Kellough
  • Construction and dedication of Douglas J. Schwartz Living Foundation Greenhouse
  • Acquired Rogers County Work Training Center in Claremore
  • Received third HUD grant for $1.6 million to build six three-person homes in Claremore, and Hope Housing of Claremore, Inc. was incorporated
  • Received fourth HUD grant for $1.6 million to build six three-person homes in Catoosa (3) and Owasso (3), and Hope Housing of Green Country, Inc. was incorporated
  • Construction of two 8-bed homes for residents of New Hope
  • Construction of new building for Rogers County Training Center
  • Grand Opening of the six three-person homes of Hope Housing of Claremore
  • Grand Opening of the new building at Rogers County Training Center
  • Grand Opening of the two new 9-bed ICF/MR’s – Wodloe House and Macklanburg House
  • Grand Opening of the six three-person homes of Hope Housing of Green Country
  • Creation of Rogers County Community Recycling Program in collaboration with the City of Claremore.
  • Grand Opening of ‘Centsible Spending’ thrift store in Claremore, OK.
  • Completion of expansion to Delaware House to create private bedrooms for each resident
  • Relocation of Attention to Detail vocational training auto detail shop in downtown Vinita
  • Completion of facility renovations to Wodloe Acres facility 2008:
  • 40th Anniversary Celebration!
  • Grand Opening of Centsible Spending II resale shop in downtown Vinita, OK.
  • Grand Opening of Centsible Spending III resale shop in Pryor, OK.
  • Grand Opening of Centsible Spending IV resale shop in Disney, OK.
  • Grand opening of Centisible Spending V in Chetopa, KS
  • Grand opening of Centsible Spending VI in Fairland, Ok
  • Expansion project on Gunter, Sequoyah and Warren Housing including the addition of two beds each.
  • Completed construction on our state-of-the-art equine facility
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