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Equine Program

The Home of Hope Equine Program was started in 2002 and has grown continually since its inception. We started with 7 clients and two horses and currently have over 40 riding on a regular basis.

Riders are taught at all levels of ability and our program includes special adaptive saddles for people with physical disabilities to be able to ride. Our residents learn how to care for a horse, the tack and equipment used in riding and riding skills. Our program includes an outdoor arena at Wodloe Acres complete with a loafing shed, bleachers, grazing pasture and 4 horses. We support our own equipment, feed and veterinary care for our animals through contributions to the activities program.

We start riding in June to prepare for the Parsons, Kansas Sunbelt Rodeo that is held in September for people with disabilities. This also ensures that athletes’ and horses will be ready for the Special Olympics Equestrian state competition held in November at Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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