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Home of Hope takes great pride in our diverse activities program that offers events for all levels of ability. Activities are scheduled for our residents in-home, at our activities center and in the community. In-home activities may include arts & craft, sing-a-longs, cooking and puzzle party nights. Events at our community center include monthly bingo, an annual talent show, karaoke, dances, and movie nights on our theater system. Community trips include the movie theater, sporting events, museums, theme parks, zoos and many more! Home of Hope has one of Oklahoma’s largest and most successful Special Olympic programs with over 100 athletes competing year round. Some of the events we participate in are swimming, equine, bowling and track & field events. (see Special Olympics page for more info)


Home of Hope activities are made possible mostly in part by contributions from our generous supporters. These gifts include cash, product and volunteerism. For information about how you can help in these areas contact donate@homeofhope.com or call (918) 256-7825, ext. 168.

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